"When Change Comes" by Katrina V. Wylie

It is cold today. Winter is descending. And frozen, like this leaf, is how some things are feeling.

But that’s OK … for today.


A Time to Pause & Ponder

When there are things that have fallen away from life, bringing unexpected change, taking the pause our soul needs to catch up with all the changing of our seasons — a moment to recognize and rest and remember — can be just the soothing balm needed.

It doesn’t feel natural, being still in it. But there was beauty there in that thing that grew in us and out from us — opened up for all the world to see! … For the winds of life to catch and play their magical tune with! Beauty worth grappling with a moment more.


A Time to Wait & Praise

So let’s cherish that beauty. And give Him the praises due. Yes, take time to pause and ponder. But do it in wait with Him. Expectantly let’s wait for God and praise!

For that leaf in our life that’s turned? He’s not done using it!


A Time for Purpose & Perception

Oh, it may appear fallen. Frozen. Fragmented on the floor of our heart. But life still remains in it. Purpose is still placed within it. And as winter gives way to the new spring coming, a day will dawn when new life starts humming, and our heart starts drumming, to a new song planted there.

Why? Not because of anything we did. But because of what He hid. There. Tucked in that fallen leaf. All those ever elusive things — the lessons once left unperceived — they’ll sink into the soil of our heart with fresh revelation, fertilizing and preparing the ground for our next calling — a new hope to lean towards and believe for.


A Time for Prayer

Thank you, Lord, that everything has it’s time. And that Your plans for us are good and full of purpose, just waiting for the proper time to be perceived by us and used by You. May no little piece, meant to nourish us for that coming time, be left ungrasped, missed and laid to waste. May it all be soaked up into our souls, absorbed in our hearts and minds, ready to be called forth by the coming sun and watered by the approaching rains. And may we give You praise and many thanks! In Jesus’ name, amen.


Your Time to Ponder & Share

  • What leaf has turned in your life, leaving you to pause and ponder?
  • What praises can you practice in your wait, for the gift given through that piece of your life?
  • What lessons could be left, tucked into that leaf, waiting to be perceived by you?


A Time to Give

I’m just finishing up an amazing study with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies on Wendy Pope’s new book, Wait and See! And it was so wonderful, I would love to share that book with one of you too :) To enter to win, simply leave a comment below. One winner will be randomly selected and announced here next week.