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If I Could Spend One More Minute in Your Presence

*Note: This is an unedited post from my journal. From my heart to my mom’s and yours about grief and a mother’s love … If I could spend just one more minute in your presence, mom, a huge smile would erupt across my face! Not the small and guarded half-smiles that creep across on any occasion, but a smile filled to the fullest with joy. Joy I’d feel to the.. Read More

My Prayer for Us for 2016

Peace. Through this world, it’s ever elusive. And yet, as Christians, we can still experience it because we stand, not in this world, but in God’s grace, through faith in Christ Jesus. We can’t boast in this, for we are still indeed sinners. But we CAN boast in the hope found through God’s glory IN us … We CAN boast in our sufferings in this world. Why? Because THROUGH them.. Read More