Inspiring Women to Live Fully In Christ ~ In Everyday Life

The Art of Letting Go and Grabbing Hold

Last week I was flooded with feelings of discouragement and frustration – like I couldn’t possibly do ALL God has called me to! Ever been there? It seems a pretty common place to land by the end of January, doesn’t it? We set out into a new year with renewed vigor and established expectations, only to inevitably slip up somewhere and miss the mark. #Humanness While that’s where I WAS,.. Read More

Love Expressed Through a Hand-Me-Down Table

I’ve always loved giving gifts … and I’ve always loved receiving them too! I hesitate slightly in telling you this because, well, it sounds so worldly doesn’t it? But somehow, a well thought out gift whispers “I love you” to my soul. And so I give to others to whisper my love into their hearts too – to show them, “I thought of you. I’ve taken the time to know you. You’re important enough to me I’m willing to invest in you.”.. Read More

Beloved or Be Loved?

I am challenged by this thought today . . . “Christians who live like the beloved, empowered heirs that they are will lavishly spend their inheritance of grace to benefit everyone they meet.” -Charles Stanley, In Touch Am I doing that?  Am I living like His beloved, or am I living as if still searching, longing, waiting to be loved?  How about you?  How are you spending your inheritance?  If.. Read More