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How Can an Empty Plate Lead to Fullness?

How can an empty plate lead to fullness? Seems so contrary to the mind. And yet my soul gets it. Craves it. Pleads for it. An empty plate … Fullness. My soul is tired of the cravings of this world. The cravings of my mind. My thoughts, actions, habits piled up, leading to false food. False fullness. As my soul stirs to morning, awakening to the familiar, soft, pitter-patter of.. Read More

Being a Mom Is Tough

I never used to want to be a mom.  In fact, I was rather convinced I never would be.  But then as I grew older, and moved MANY years into my marriage and my life in Christ, I finally discovered that this “lack of desire” (to put it mildly) was in fact the enemy at work. I now believe I’ve been called to be a mom. And I believe that the.. Read More

A Little Word with a Big Clue

When instructed to turn to James 1:2-4 via a devotional I was reading this morning, I found myself thinking: “I know, I know, be joyful about my trials.”  But I turned to it anyway and read, and I’m glad that I did because this time a little something different stuck out to me, and that little something was the word “LET.”  Let’s read it now together (he, he 😉 )….. Read More