Inspiring Women to Live Fully In Christ ~ In Everyday Life

Beloved or Be Loved?

I am challenged by this thought today . . . “Christians who live like the beloved, empowered heirs that they are will lavishly spend their inheritance of grace to benefit everyone they meet.” -Charles Stanley, In Touch Am I doing that?  Am I living like His beloved, or am I living as if still searching, longing, waiting to be loved?  How about you?  How are you spending your inheritance?  If.. Read More

A Little Weekend Wisdom for the Weary

. . . With ALL your heart . . . “ALL”: the whole of; EVERY; nothing but; WHOLLY; the whole number, quantity or amount; EVERYTHING; the whole of one’s resources . . . I am challenged by the ‘ALL’ today – another small word with a BIG impact! Am I seeking God with ALL my heart – the whole, every resource, NOTHING BUT? If I’m to be honest, there are.. Read More

Where Small is Big and “Me” Can “Be”

Change.  A small word.  A tough word.  A potential BIG impact! God’s been pressing on my heart with this little giant of a word and it’s left me unsettled.  Unsettled because I know that the dreams and tasks he’s planted in my heart and has been watering, are calling me out into the deep waters.  Calling me to change. Change is not easy.  Or at least it hasn’t been for.. Read More

GETTING MORE OUT OF YOUR BIBLE/BOOK STUDIES: A series of practical tips to help you navigate into a deeper level of study – Tip #2

Have you ever sat down to watch a movie having no idea what it’s about?  Maybe a friend had mentioned it, but you hadn’t ever watched the trailers made for the movie yourself?  When this happens, what are you focused on when watching the movie?  Are you able to easily see right away all the deeper messages woven into the subplots of the story, or do you find that your.. Read More

When I Un-rushed My Bible Study Time

This last weekend I was blessed beyond measure by attending the first ever Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Study women’s retreat – so exciting!!  My spirit found abundant joy and rest there as we learned about dancing to the rhythm of our dreams!  But then on Monday, like everyone else, I awoke to a new rhythm.  My daughter, who had acquired the habit of sleeping in till at least 9am.. Read More

GETTING MORE OUT OF YOUR BIBLE/BOOK STUDIES: A series of practical tips to help you navigate into a deeper level of study – Tip #1

When you sit down to do your reading for a study, what’s the first thing you do?  Do you open up the book and just jump right in?  That is what I used to do – always in a hurry to make sure I had time to get the whole chapter done in one sitting and according to the study schedule.  It’s a perfectionist trait that most of the time.. Read More

GETTING MORE OUT OF YOUR BIBLE/BOOK STUDIES: A series of practical tips to help you navigate into a deeper level of study – Invitation

When doing a book or Bible study, do you ever struggle to get beyond the surface of just reading it for enjoyment to truly digging deeper into the material?  How about once the study is over – do you find yourself setting down the book and thinking, “That was really good, but now what?”  When chatting about Bible/book studies, these are two of the most common responses I hear, so.. Read More

Being a Mom Is Tough

I never used to want to be a mom.  In fact, I was rather convinced I never would be.  But then as I grew older, and moved MANY years into my marriage and my life in Christ, I finally discovered that this “lack of desire” (to put it mildly) was in fact the enemy at work. I now believe I’ve been called to be a mom. And I believe that the.. Read More

To Remain or Be Removed

Does “complete” accurately portray the extent of joy you experience in your everyday life?   Complete: having all parts or elements; fully carried out; to make whole or perfect. -The Merriam Webster Dictionary   If I’m to be honest, my answer would be no too often! And yet we learn in John 15:11 this need not be:   “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that.. Read More

God’s Word: A Creative Display

Do you ever read God’s Word and a question instantly pops into your mind?  Hebrews 4:16 does that for me.  Upon reading it I instantly ask myself – how can I approach the throne of grace with confidence?…How can you for that matter? According to this verse, this is an important question to ask ourselves if we want to receive mercy & grace when we’re in need.  While there may be several ways.. Read More