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Peace. Through this world, it’s ever elusive. And yet, as Christians, we can still experience it because we stand, not in this world, but in God’s grace, through faith in Christ Jesus.

We can’t boast in this, for we are still indeed sinners. But we CAN boast in the hope found through God’s glory IN us … We CAN boast in our sufferings in this world.

Why? Because THROUGH them we learn perseverance. And through learning perseverance, our character grows. And by growing our character, this builds up hope in our hearts … A hope where shame no longer lingers. A hope where GOD’S LOVE is what’s poured out into our hearts instead!

I can hardly fathom that when I was still powerless – when YOU were still powerless – Christ went from being the babe in the manger to dying on the cross as our Savior!

For US, the ungodly, He did this … A¬†demonstration of His unfathomable love!

THIS is hope offered: beyond our sin, beyond all circumstances and reason, beyond anything we can see – God’s love and grace abounds for you and me!

My prayer for all of us in 2016 is that we’d have a Happy New Year abounding in God’s hope and peace through His love and grace.

Happy New Year, friends!

~ Katrina