Katrina V. Wylie & The Wylie Family



Hello and Welcome! Katrina V. Wylie here, otherwise known as “Kat.”

I write and share with the purpose of bringing hope, inspiration, encouragement and truth into our journeys of learning to live our everyday lives more fully in Christ. Ephesians 3:14-21 is my hope and prayer for each and every heart God leads here.

I would also love to meet up with you on Facebook, TwitterPinterest and over on the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies blog, where I’m the Executive Team Leader for the Words Department and a contributing Study Leader. Looking forward to connecting with you!



I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Dave, for fifteen years. We grew up together in a small town in North Idaho. He is my best friend and balancer. Without him, my everyday life would be all plans and structure. He brings in that much needed, spur of the moment, fun and silliness all marriages and hearts need to truly be full.

And speaking of silliness, our daughter Ava’s middle name could seriously be “Silliness,” which puts this serious mama to the test daily! Any other serious mama’s out there relate?! But our fiery red-headed beauty, with her fun-loving personality, has etched a whole new kind of love into my heart and I couldn’t be more proud to get to be called her mom – silliness and all!

And I can’t forget our three dogs: Teak, Teddie  Bear  and  Coral. Though they add a lot of craziness and mess to our everyday lives, they’re part of the family to us and I love our crazy little family!