As the old year turned to new, I shared with you the one word I felt God giving me for 2018 — grow. And now, with the days of January being more complete than not, I’m spending a bit of time reflecting: How has God used this one word in my life this month?

Looking back, if I had to describe my January in one word, my initial response would be “waiting” …

Now that Christmas and New Year’s is over — waiting for winter to end and spring to take its turn…

Now that our home study is complete and we’re licensed to foster — waiting for the kiddos God has planned for us to serve…

Now that I’m getting my eating back on track and the scale is heading in the right direction again — waiting for the longer-term desired results to follow.

And then there’s other “important to me” things, too. Things that have been put on hold because, well, sometimes life can get crazy or hard. And sometimes that means setting aside things we’d rather not.

Yes, I’d say “waiting” describes my January quite well. But what about my one word? Did I hear wrong then?

I don’t think so. In all my reflection, God is revealing how:

Waiting beckons us to grow.

Are you in waiting period, feeling like nothing is happening? Click through to learn how God could be beckoning you to grow in your wait! #OneWord #Grow #Waiting

Let me explain.

I’ve never been a very good “waiter.” Yep. I tend to be more of a get ‘er done kinda gal. I don’t like to have to put things off, leave things in limbo, wait to see how things are going to turn out. No thanks! You know that quote, “Good things come to those who wait.” Well, let’s just scratch that and replace it with, “Good things come to those who get things done.” Amen? … Or more like, ahem because, here’s the thing:

With God, we can grow to wait well.

Are you in waiting period, feeling like nothing is happening? Click through to learn how God could be beckoning you to grow in your wait! #OneWord #Grow #Waiting

Yes, though it may feel like nothing’s happening, growth IS occurring in times of wait … when we allow it to. And here’s just a few of the random lessons He’s recently been reminding me of, and growing me more in, while I wait. Perhaps you’ll recognize a few of them, or want to jot them down for you, too…


In our waiting, God shifts:


In our waiting, God grows our ability to:


In our waiting, God calls us to:

  • Be still and know (Psalm 46:10). Abandon striving. Release stressing. And just rest in Him, the God of ALL, knowing HE is in control.
  • Pray continually (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Turn all our whining and doubting into petitioning Him through prayer while we wait. Unleash His power into our thoughts, hearts and lives, placating our everyday, moment to moment waiting.

Yes, it is my hope and prayer to respond well to these beckonings from God to grow as I wait. And I hope and pray that for you, too.

What are you in the wait for right now? How is God beckoning you to grow through it?