Do you ever read God’s Word and a question instantly pops into your mind?  Hebrews 4:16 does that for me.  Upon reading it I instantly ask myself – how can I approach the throne of grace with confidence?…How can you for that matter?

According to this verse, this is an important question to ask ourselves if we want to receive mercy & grace when we’re in need.  While there may be several ways to boost our confidence, there is 1 sure fire way I know of for increasing it, and that’s reading, studying, & memorizing God’s Word!  Today we’re going to focus on the latter – memorizing – as I’m linking up with the Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies for their blog hop on the book Living So That by Wendy Blight.

In the book, Wendy challenges her readers to: “make every effort to prayerfully commit these verses to memory and hide them in your heart.” -Wendy Blight, Living So That.  She even suggests including our families and shares how she creatively does so.  Today, I want to share with all of you a few creative ways the Wylie household has accepted this challenge SO THAT perhaps you too can feel challenged to implement one of these creative ways to memorize God’s Word and ultimately be able to approach God’s throne of grace with confidence!  Are you ready?!


Blog Hop 1

When I want to commit a verse to memory, I utilize this photo clip, turned scripture clip and place it in my bathroom.  It was just a plain plastic one from the dollar store that I fancied up with a little hot glue and seashells from a broken neckless SO THAT it coordinates with my seaside decor.  Isn’t it ever so cute?!  I love it because it has 2 clips so I can place 1 card with the full version of the verse and another card that is personalized.

*On a side note, in case you didn’t already know, personalizing a verse is an ultra powerful way to tuck God’s Word right into your heart!  Seriously, you should try it!  And if you can read it out loud while looking in a mirror – even better!!  Or you can add your photo to your verse like I did SO THAT it creates the same affect.  Just a freebie I thought I’d throw in for ya!…oh wait, it’s all free!!  Ha ha!  Oh, and in case you’re wondering why the bathroom?  Well, because it tends to be a place that is frequented – very helpful indeed 😉



Blog Hop 2

We have this fun little caddy on our dining table that holds our napkins & salt & pepper grinders.  It’s metal so it’s perfect for those little fridge clips like you see here.  I simply add our memory verse card to it & voila – our memory verse is now apart of our family dining time nightly!  It not only serves as an invitation to discuss it during dining, but it is also a helpful reminder to incorporate it into our prayers AND a great opportunity to quiz one another around the table.  We break up the verse into easy to remember chunks so every couple days I switch out the card with more of the words missing, and by the end of the week it simply reads: “Can you recite this week’s verse by memory?”

*Don’t have a cool little caddy like this to clip to?  No worries.  This is a chance for YOU to get creative – how can YOU create memory verse chatter at your family dinner gatherings?



Blog Hop 3

So this one is on my desk where I usually do my study & Bible quiet times.  It is simply a small, inexpensive photo frame I found at Marshalls and then used dry erase markers to write on the glass (Please ignore my kindergardnerish writing.  Handwriting is NOT a gift of mine which is why I type & print my other cards).  Like I mentioned above, I like to memorize verses in smaller chunks, so here I place only the words I’m working on that day SO THAT I can focus on repeating them over & over every time I sit down here & glance that way.

Alright, so there you have it – 3 crafty creation memory verse aids that you can try out in your home SO THAT by tucking God’s Word in your heart, you can build up your confidence in Christ and approach His throne of grace when you’re in need!!

Have any of these inspired you today to take on Wendy’s memorization challenge?  I sure hope so!  Please share with me which ideas you enjoyed and will be implementing in your home, or perhaps a unique idea or 2 of your own creation.  I would love to hear from you!!

“If we can so easily remember catchy lyrics and memorable movie lines, how much more should we seek to remember the precious words of our Lord and Savior?” -Wendy Blight, Living So That