One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is not quite the same.

Is there an area in your life you'd benefit from "digging below the surface" to consider changes you can make for new and healthy growth in 2017? Click through to join me over on the blog to learn how a lesson from the plants can help us to examine and grow too! | "Digging Below the Surface" - a blog post by Katrina V. Wylie |

I bought all four of these plants at the same time. And they were roughly all the same size as each other too. So what’s the deal with the one on the bottom right?

I cannot, for the life of me, get it to grow! At least not the plant as a whole. It’s leaves will grow large. But then they wither up and fall off, leaving behind these bare, flimsy, twig-like branches, until new tiny leaves appear. And then it repeats the same sad cycle.

The funny thing is, if I’d zoomed in on it’s plant tag when I took the picture, you’d see where it claims it’s “easy and fast growing.”


Fast and easy … Can I share a not so strong quality about myself? I like everything to be fast and easy! And when something’s not? Well, then I tend to get a bit flustered and wonder, “What’s wrong with it?” Or worse, “What’s wrong with me?” Which inevitably leads to: “Should I just toss this and give up?” 

I suspect I’m not alone in this struggle. I also suspect I’m not alone in discovering, the not always fun and sometimes brutal truth, that not everything is going to be fast and easy, bearing immediate or abundant results. Yep. Some changes and growth happen terribly, painfully slow — ugh!

But do you ever stop to examine, in a healthy way, why something might not be growing in your life at the rate expected or hoped for?

This coming spring, I’m going to dig up this sad little plant that hasn’t been able to sustain any growth, check out what’s going on below the surface, and then consider what change(s) I may need to make to help it along:

  • Have some unwanted bugs taken up residence there that need to be removed?
  • Has it drained it’s source of nutrients in the soil and it just needs a good refreshing dose of fertilizer?
  • Does it need replanted back in a smaller pot, giving it time to strengthen and spread it’s roots further?
  • Or would trying yet another new location in our home do the trick and be a better fit for it?

In this particular plants case, I suspect I replanted it into too large of a pot, too soon. Some things need more time to mature right where they’re at — to grow deep and strong roots first, before being able to sustain any substantial, flourishing growth.

Whether that’s the case or not, I can’t wait to see what I discover below the surface! This little plant has beauty just waiting to burst forth in 2017. I know it and I’m expectant for it.


Is there an area in your life you’d benefit from “digging below the surface” to consider changes you can make for new and healthy growth in 2017? I know there is new beauty just waiting to burst forth from you too!


Happy New Year!

~ Katrina