When doing a book or Bible study, do you ever struggle to get beyond the surface of just reading it for enjoyment to truly digging deeper into the material?  How about once the study is over – do you find yourself setting down the book and thinking, “That was really good, but now what?”  When chatting about Bible/book studies, these are two of the most common responses I hear, so if this is you, know that you are not alone!  Also know that with just a few easy to implement steps, this can change for you!
Stay tuned this week as I share some tips that I’ve learned and incorporated into my study times that have not only helped me to dig deeper DURING the study, but have also gone a long way in the LONG TERM application of the principles into my life!  You may already be doing some of these steps and some of them may not be for you, but my hope is that everyone will find at least one new thing to apply to your study time that makes a positive change in your life.  Will you join me?
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