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Katrina V. Wylie

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To Remain or Be Removed

Does “complete” accurately portray the extent of joy you experience in your everyday life?   Complete: having all parts or elements; fully carried out; to make whole or perfect. -The Merriam Webster Dictionary   If I’m to be honest, my answer would be no too often! And yet we learn in John 15:11 this need not be:   “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that.. Read More

God’s Word: A Creative Display

Do you ever read God’s Word and a question instantly pops into your mind?  Hebrews 4:16 does that for me.  Upon reading it I instantly ask myself – how can I approach the throne of grace with confidence?…How can you for that matter? According to this verse, this is an important question to ask ourselves if we want to receive mercy & grace when we’re in need.  While there may be several ways.. Read More

Anxiety Willed or Spirit Filled?

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.  Be self-controlled and alert.  – 1 Peter 5:7-8a  The sun shined bright in the brilliant blue sky casting a feeling of spring for everyone around, but not for me.  I did not feel its warm rays wash over me with the hope of newness that this season surely brings.  No.  I sat in the shadow of my shame, head.. Read More

A Little Word with a Big Clue

When instructed to turn to James 1:2-4 via a devotional I was reading this morning, I found myself thinking: “I know, I know, be joyful about my trials.”  But I turned to it anyway and read, and I’m glad that I did because this time a little something different stuck out to me, and that little something was the word “LET.”  Let’s read it now together (he, he 😉 )….. Read More

But You Would Have None of It

Do you ever find, in those tough moments of your life, there’s certain sins that keep creeping back in and haunting you?  You know, the ones you think you’ve turned away from but then SMACK, under the pressures of your day there they are unexpectedly hitting you square in the face yet again! I was reading in the book of Judges about the Israelite journey and how, after finally reaching the promised land after 40 years of wandering the.. Read More