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How Waiting Beckons Us to Grow

As the old year turned to new, I shared with you the one word I felt God giving me for 2018 — grow. And now, with the days of January being more complete than not, I’m spending a bit of time reflecting: How has God used this one word in my life this month? Looking back, if I had to describe my January in one word, my initial response would be.. Read More

My One Word for 2018

I’m sitting here this slow Saturday, the eve of New Year’s Eve, pondering the steps before me … the places God’s leading our family into for 2018… As I gaze ahead, I feel as though we’re standing at a precipice, the next step requiring a leap of faith. Part of me is excited — the thrill of the jump, the new and the bold! … And the other part wants.. Read More

How to Render Anxiousness Powerless

Heavy. Suffocating. Near unbearable. Relentless. All Consuming. Anxiousness can feel this way and more. It can haunt like a waking nightmare… Pursue like a wolf it’s prey… Engulf like the stormy seas a broken vessel. But yet … it doesn’t have to. As I’ve begun the next Proverbs 31 Online Bible study, based on the newest Max Lucado book, Anxious for Nothing, I’m ever so grateful to be reminded that.. Read More

How Can an Empty Plate Lead to Fullness?

How can an empty plate lead to fullness? Seems so contrary to the mind. And yet my soul gets it. Craves it. Pleads for it. An empty plate … Fullness. My soul is tired of the cravings of this world. The cravings of my mind. My thoughts, actions, habits piled up, leading to false food. False fullness. As my soul stirs to morning, awakening to the familiar, soft, pitter-patter of.. Read More

Digging Below the Surface

One of these things is not like the other. One of these things is not quite the same. I bought all four of these plants at the same time. And they were roughly all the same size as each other too. So what’s the deal with the one on the bottom right? I cannot, for the life of me, get it to grow! At least not the plant as a.. Read More

When Change Comes

It is cold today. Winter is descending. And frozen, like this leaf, is how some things are feeling. But that’s OK … for today.   A Time to Pause & Ponder When there are things that have fallen away from life, bringing unexpected change, taking the pause our soul needs to catch up with all the changing of our seasons — a moment to recognize and rest and remember —.. Read More

If I Could Spend One More Minute in Your Presence

*Note: This is an unedited post from my journal. From my heart to my mom’s and yours about grief and a mother’s love … If I could spend just one more minute in your presence, mom, a huge smile would erupt across my face! Not the small and guarded half-smiles that creep across on any occasion, but a smile filled to the fullest with joy. Joy I’d feel to the.. Read More

The Art of Letting Go and Grabbing Hold

Last week I was flooded with feelings of discouragement and frustration – like I couldn’t possibly do ALL God has called me to! Ever been there? It seems a pretty common place to land by the end of January, doesn’t it? We set out into a new year with renewed vigor and established expectations, only to inevitably slip up somewhere and miss the mark. #Humanness While that’s where I WAS,.. Read More

My Prayer for Us for 2016

Peace. Through this world, it’s ever elusive. And yet, as Christians, we can still experience it because we stand, not in this world, but in God’s grace, through faith in Christ Jesus. We can’t boast in this, for we are still indeed sinners. But we CAN boast in the hope found through God’s glory IN us … We CAN boast in our sufferings in this world. Why? Because THROUGH them.. Read More

Love Expressed Through a Hand-Me-Down Table

I’ve always loved giving gifts … and I’ve always loved receiving them too! I hesitate slightly in telling you this because, well, it sounds so worldly doesn’t it? But somehow, a well thought out gift whispers “I love you” to my soul. And so I give to others to whisper my love into their hearts too – to show them, “I thought of you. I’ve taken the time to know you. You’re important enough to me I’m willing to invest in you.”.. Read More